IELTS – the great divider or the great uniter?


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Without a doubt, IELTS is definitely a useful thing to have if you are looking to study internationally at an English speaking university, however though it has lots of power to get you into a course, it can be considered something of an elitist thing too.

If you aren’t sure about what ‘elitist’ means it means this:

‘a person or thing that advocates that something is restricted to a certain special high level group only’


Usually people are not happy with elitist groups, they tend to be prejudiced against those who don’t fit into their idea of what being great is.

Saying all this the IELTS certificate can be considered exactly that – if you aren’t good enough for us, we aren’t interested in you.

The IELTS Certificate is definitely the stepping stone into the ‘other’ world where all things English will come to you easily and quickly. You can get jobs, you can get into universities, you can even get into countries! If you don’t have it, the road is tough and fraught with problems, misunderstandings and difficulties. So in some ways this wonderful certificate can open doors but at the same time, if you don’t have it or fail it, you will see the doors close in your face.

So I ask you, do you think IELTS is the great uniter? Or the great divider? Dividing the have’s from the have not’s.

Do you think the IELTS organisation should offer other products as well as the General training and Academic certificate? What about all the other people who fail, where is their life now? Can IELTS do something to help them too?

I want to know what you think?

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