FASTING – it’s in EVERY religion but is done in MANY different ways



Being Ramadan it’s always good to look at fasting and how it isn’t just Muslims who use fasting as a part of their religion.

The origin of why fasting began is unclear. Some believe it was so that the person could prepare their stomach for the sacrificial meal, others believe it was purely for health purposes and others believe it was a communal principle that came about when food was scarce so that all could share and help the needy.

But every religion is more specific these days of why and how they fast. So let’s look and compare what they mean and how they are done.

How they fast Why they fast
Islam From dawn until dusk, no food or water during this time, and for 30 days. To remember those who have not, to give to others who have not and to get closer to Allah.
Christianity Usually…

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