Emoticons and messaging – will they take over?


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/20ZUivA)

Just watched an interesting segment on the news yesterday that talked about the fact that many young people are now using emoticons to communicate on sms or twitter etc. The reporter was saying that there were at one time only about 150 emoticons to consider. Now there are literally thousands to download, and not just faces, but houses, hospitals, swords, teeth and so on. The question they asked was, ‘will emoticons take over messaging?’

My answer – yes and no. Emoticons are just another fad way to communicate and I have to say I do enjoy it myself, as sometimes a picture can say a thousand words, even if it is just a little yellow face with gleaning teeth.

The only thing I can say is – after this, then what? Full pictures? Not sure.

But what I do say is that we should all chill out a bit and stop worrying about the demise of the perfect English language and have fun with it. If you are writing to your friends and family, it’s just another way to make it interesting and funny.


2 thoughts on “Emoticons and messaging – will they take over?

  1. I do use emoticons when in chat mode, and occasionally over email. What they often add to a conversation is a concise way to communicate mood and tone. And to be sure, they do change the complexion of a conversation. One of the more commonly used emoticons is the smiley with the tongue sticking out, and I find that the use of this often replaces language that otherwise might verge on rude or inappropriate.

    • That’s very true, I often use the smiley face that is overly smiling to show that I like you and also I REALLY mean what I say. When people send messages using only words they are quite difficult to set the tone and unfortunately can be quite misconstrued if not done properly. Emoticons nail the tone well. You know immediately if you would make this face to this particular person or not.

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