Do you use a FULL STOP when texting? Check


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I was reading an interesting article by David Crystal on Linkedin this morning (, and he proposed an interesting new development in the use of the full stop.

Such topics for most people are heinously boring and so incredibly obscure, however David Crystal is after all a world renown ‘English language investigator’. His findings on this subject have come from studies done with millennials using the social media and how they use English in it. There have been a few interesting trends however that he has discovered has emerged, one of which is the lack of use of the full stop.

The millennials stated that if a text that consisted of just one sentence ended with a full stop, it was considered more aggressive than without a full stop.

This is just one of his findings on the use of the full stop. However, my thoughts are that perhaps as texting is now becoming more preferable to talking on the phone, we are using it like a voice mail rather than a sentence. Meaning it is now merging as a mixture between speaking and writing. We don’t say the word ‘full stop’ when we finish a sentence when speaking, and in fact if we did we would be seriously making a point that that is it, no more to be said.

Have a look at your texts now and see how many times you use full stops and/or other people. What do you think?


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