If we learn from our MISTAKES, why are we always SO AFRAID to make ONE?

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1GTTQEw)

We all make mistakes. Some are easy to admit, and others are difficult. But in the end if we don’t analyse them, what’s the point in making them? Right?

So why are we so afraid to make a mistake? Ego. Unfortunately it’s everywhere in our body and soul, and in some people way too big and others very small, but we all have it. But if you can handle your ego and suffer the slings and arrows coming your way, apologise, reflect (but don’t dwell) and move on.

Some people are way too hung up with what people think. Yet if they really knew how little people do think about you, they would be making mistakes all over the place.

Frankly I really admire people who make constant mistakes…I think…wow you must be really brave! Of course if it goes on for too long then yes…I…

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