Will BREXIT change the impact of ENGLISH LANGUAGE proficiency in Europe?


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News just in over the Brexit vote to leave the European Union is that the impact of English language and its dominance in Europe may diminish significantly.

We have already seen a significant increase in the number of Europeans speaking fluent (virtually native English), and that has been a growing phenomenon over the last 20 years. The question is, was that because of the impact of England being in the European Union or other things? The European Union was formed in 1993, so that makes it approximately 20 over years.

There are so many reasons why people are so worried about the Brexit outcome, but from the ESL side, the diminishing importance of the English language may seem insignificant to most but deeply significant on a very unconscious level to every British citizen.

So far there were three dominant languages in Europe – French, German and English, now with English out of the question, will people seriously opt for one of the other two as their preferred second language? Even Ireland has named Gaelic as their preferred national language!

The long term impact of such a move will be very interesting. What moves the new Prime Minister will make to allow the movement of English and European citizens in and out of each other’s countries will be something to watch, not to mention the amount of English spoken generally may drop within the middle groups of society who have come to the language recently and with great proficiency.

Some Europeans may take things deeply personally and reject the English language in every way it has been seeping into their world, while others may decide to steal the language and make it their own without the ‘BBC-British English’ imposing their influence.

So tell me – what do you think will happen to the English language and its importance (or now lack of importance) in Europe, and will there be any impact on the English language development among the up and coming generations?


2 thoughts on “Will BREXIT change the impact of ENGLISH LANGUAGE proficiency in Europe?

  1. Great Blog. I don’t think much will change. A lot of spouting of hopes and dreams, but nothing concrete. English will not fade as the main language for so many reasons. Firstly, its the main language in aviation and there are a lot of planes up there. So it would be difficult to get Pilots and ATC to suddenly learn, say, German. What day would you swop air clearance from English to French. No, that wont change
    In Asia and India, after their mother tongue, its English. A throw back to the colonies, I know, but its almost ingrained in their DNA now.
    As for the Irish speaking Gaelic, I don’t think that would work. My mother is 86 and when she left Southern Ireland at the age of 15, English was indeed her SECOND language. She came from a tiny small settlement where they had few amenties and spoke in a local dialect. The Welsh try their hardest to speak Welsh and use it to ” show off” and Local Government has to give them a Welsh TV channel and road signs in both languages. Its just posturing…. because neither Wales or Southern Ireland would say ” ok, tomorrow, we speak… whatever.. and no more English)
    So rest assured, your Industry, and mine, will be safe long after we are pushing up daisies… 🙂

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