8 things INTERNATIONAL travellers (or students) need to know about visiting a NEW COUNTRY with a NEW LANGUAGE

The FUTURE of Learning

int std

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a trip to a foreign land that I had never been to, (and I have been to quite a few!), so this was a real novelty. The country I visited was Kazakhstan!

I am not going to talk about Kazakhstan today in this post, but what I want to do is to reflect on what it really is like for an international traveller entering a foreign land where their required language is zero, in my case of course it was Russian, my Russian was zero.

The interesting things to note are:

  1. Your language may not be there – anywhere

For some reason you expect your language to be at least somewhere on the roads or around the city, and of course it isn’t.

  1. Your language speakers in that country may not know your language in the way that you do

The people who…

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