Learn English through SNAPCHAT – possible?


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Snapchat is a phenomenon, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you better get down into playstore and get it. It started with 12 year old girls and now most people in the age group of up to 25 use it regularly and often older. So what actually is it and why do people love it?

Firstly Snapchat is an online social media platform where you can video a situation you are experiencing right now for 10 seconds and send it to people. Doesn’t sound particularly different these days, but what is different is that once that person watches it, they will never be able to see it again, so they better watch it carefully.

This is fantastic news for those people who are in the marketing world because anyone who views your snapchat video will do so because they simply don’t want to miss it – this is the key for anyone in marketing – making sure you dominate the attention.

But how does this help an ESL learner?

At this point there are only a few options out there the learn English, but this is just the beginning.

Imagine these kinds of things starting to happen (and they will):

  1. Learning a single phrase in 10 seconds. Someone on snapchat says a single phrase a few times and you just repeat it.
  2. Word meanings – a word is place on snapchat like work of the day – people look at it, read it, listen to it and remember it. You have to remember it because it isn’t going to come again.
  3. If you are talking to a friend in English, this is a great way to video it and send it to all your friends to show them how good you are.
  4. If you want to know what something is in English, you can video it and get your friends to reply in English what it is.
  5. Record a group of people speaking English – save it and play it back yourself and add some comment in English and send it to everyone.
  6. Make it a daily ritual to video, write a caption in English and send it out to the world
  7. Challenge all your friends who are learning English too to do the same, and see who can create the most interesting one.
  8. Make a group of just ESL friends and make a pact to only communicate through snapchat in English.


… the list goes on.


So before you disregard such an interesting platform and say it is only for sext-ing or teenage girls, thing of the other options out there – other people are.

What do you think?

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