Learn English through the APP – ‘Musicly’ – possible?


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/29TfSlP)

If you haven’t already downloaded the fun app ‘Musicly’, you are missing out on a great opportunity both as a teacher and as a learner.

For those who aren’t sure what it is – in a nut shell, it is an app where you can download some music you like and video yourself lip-sinking the words and doing some actions. Sounds inane? It is and it isn’t. Imagine how many times you yourself have sat somewhere or been in the shower and literally ‘air-guitar-ed’ your way to paradise? Well…..now there’s an app for it.

So how can we use it for ESL learning?

Think about it. All you have to do is find the English song you like and mouth it. Actually you are actually singing it but no one can hear you. So all the great ways you can use music to learn English, are right there in front of you in this app too – except you can send it out to everyone you know and show them how great you are in English.

This kind of acting out any English situation including singing songs is a tried and true way to get students to practice phrasing, chunking of words, vocabulary, pronunciation, and most of all – having fun with English.

So try it in your class sometime and see what they come up with – you may create a riot in class – no problem, but imagine what these guys are going to do at home without you looking – just make a pact that it has to be an English language song – can be a rap, a ballad, and old fashioned song – it doesn’t matter, it’s getting the student to speak and sing in English.

The future is that it doesn’t even have to be a song, it can be a recorded speech, or anything that can be downloaded. Imagine if you could record a conversation then get the class to act it out mouthing the words – that would be fun – particularly the actions they would put with it!

Have you tried ‘Musicly’? Let me know and tell me what you think?


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