8 things that WILL happen AFTER you have mastered your ENGLISH



There are millions of people out there right now who are studying English for many reasons, e.g. university study, internet and film usage, international business, or simply just the love of learning languages, however few really can comprehend the end point when they can honestly say ‘Ah-ha – now I have the language mastered!’

So what does happen when you have mastered English language?

  1. You become a translator for everyone and anyone

Simply because you understand a whole world that most of your family and friends don’t you become the one that translates everything not just word for word but culturally too. You really become the negotiator in many situations

  1. You order all the food in the menu

When you are out with family and friends, you are the one who does all the ordering, managing of everyone’s requests and generally the informer for ‘the other side’.

  1. You become the…

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