The class COMEDIAN – a TEACHER’S best friend?


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You bet!

The most confident student in the class is the classes ‘other teacher’, so you better listen to them and watch them, because they are going to be the one who will end up being either the best thing that’s happened to your teaching or the worst.

It’s all about how you handle them.

All class comedians actually want is attention. Any kind of attention, and they are already annoyed that the teacher is getting more than them already, the key for the teacher is to know how to make it a win=win situation.

So many teachers are afraid to let some students ‘take over’ the class, but the truth is that deep down it is only the teachers fear that they will not know how to handle them. As a teacher you need to simply turn the tables on them by doing these things:

  1. Listen to them and appreciate their humour but know when to stop them when they go to far.
  2. When you see them reach that turning point, turn it into something that will enhance your lesson concept being taught.
  3. Allow the comedian to practice that concept with humour or without….it’s up to you.
  4. Allow the comedian to have all the attention, make all the mistakes and engage with the class with it.

Once your comedian has had his/her moment in the sun for the day, he will be satisfied, and you may be surprised to find that they will be probably the best English speaker in the class, why? Because they are going to be obviously the most confident, the most willing to make a fool of themselves and most happy to make a mistake.

So don’t minimize these class comedians, all they want deep down is to help you, so let them, maximize their confidence and if you can manage them well too, your class will be the most favourite in the day.

Any thoughts?


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