IELTS ESSAY TOPIC: Does travel promote understanding?


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This post looks at potential arguments only. It’s up to you to actually write the essay. All the best!

Does travel help to promote understanding and communication between countries?

Argument:         Yes

  1. Understanding how people live shows what we all have in common
  2. Seeing why people do things and perspective of their lives, promotes empathy between nations
  3. Our leaders are not necessarily the representation of our country, it is the people and the only way you can understand a country on a real level, you need to meet the people on the ground.

Argument:          No

  1. Tourists often only see the holiday versions that suit them instead of really engaging with the people, e.g. resorts and bars
  2. Tour guides in certain countries can be controlled by the government and show tourists only what the government wants to see.
  3. For many countries due to visa restrictions, the communication only goes one way, e.g. US and UK citizens can travel to African countries easily but the African citizens cannot enjoy the same ease of travel and in turn understanding by coming to their countries.


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