IELTS ESSAY TOPIC: Are Zoos Cruel to Wild Animals?


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This post looks at potential arguments only. It’s up to you to actually write the essay. All the best!

Are our zoos cruel to wild animals? Discuss.


Argument:      Yes

  1. Wild animals are ‘wild’ and need to be kept in that position for their own health.
  1. Cages can create a disturbing psychological impact on any creature whether human and animal.
  1. There is no reason why we need to see an animal in a cage, if we want to see a wild animal we need to do a safari.

Argument:      No

  1. In this day and age zoos are very carefully designed to create a healthy positive environments for animals.
  1. Zoos perform an important role in social understanding of the world around us and as a result can encourage people to appreciate animals more.
  1. The studies done in zoos on captive animals improve the overall understanding of our environment and in turn help those animals outside the zoo as well as inside.


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