How to turn an ESL CHORE into an ESL PASSION


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I have taught many classes of students who are all going to study at University. They have finished their high school and done well in mathematics and physics or biology and are now off to do their engineering or medicine degree. They are the bright ones of the society who will come back to their country and really do something important. They have usually only one chore to work through before they can reach their passionate goal of their degree. They all have to learn English.

This is the number one chore for a lot of ESL learners. Learning English isn’t something that can be done in a few weeks or even a couple of months, it takes time, commitment and perseverance and if you aren’t ‘language orientated’ to start with, it is a huge chore.

So here are some things you can do to at least look at your chore in a different way, and may be even transform it into a passion.

  1. You have to do it – so why not try to enjoy it.
  2. It opens more doors than just your degree
  3. Everyone is in the same situation as you – connect with others and share your thoughts and doubts, you may be able to learn from others how to make it more palatable.
  4. If you have a passion for something else, start watching or reading things in English about it.
  5. Take it in bite sizes and give yourself small victories
  6. Go to a good language centre with very experienced teachers
  7. Follow a well-recognized textbook that has already proven to be of interest to all people.
  8. Understand that all good things come from hard work.

So have a think about these things and let me know anything else that may be of use to others to get them to integrate their negative thinking into something that could become a passion.

Listening to others who have learned English will all say the same thing – it takes time and effort and should be a life-long thing. If you admire them, time to start thinking like them too.

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