When your ESL dream changes


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For those who are learning English as adults, it is easy to identify the dream of what and why you want your English to be perfect, however at the same time, we are adults and we know that sometimes simply ‘life happens’, and this can have devastating repercussions on many things including your ESL dreams. So what do we do?

ESL as a dream is no different to any other – it involves clear goals, commitment and hard work. But what happens if your life changes. E.g. Your dream of getting that high powered job with your English is stopped because you have other commitments that have priority or your university degree delivered in English is gone because you don’t have the money to pay for it right now. This is for many people the reality of life.

But the greatest thing is that English as a dream is not necessarily dependent on an external goal. Though your reason for learning English may change, your chance to improve your English shouldn’t. Learning English is something that will permeate every part of your life if you let it. The impact of putting in the time to enhance what you already know is very huge is ways you cannot ever know now. Just like you never expected those ‘life happens’ events to occur, you will also get other things happen to you in a positive way you could never have expected, so there is no reason as to why your English learning should end.

But what if you just can’t afford to learn English in a language school anymore. (This is the most common reason for people to finish their course unexpectedly). Does this mean it’s the end of your English? No.

So how can you move from there to be an ongoing learner of English?

Firstly, I am going to assume you have achieved some kind of level of English whether it is still at the elementary level or higher there is still a great chance for you to continue progressing – free of charge.

  1. Go online and find a number of grammar websites that have free ESL exercises to practice. Schedule this on a daily/weekly basis and stick to it.
  2. Make a pledge to continue interacting in English by finding (through social media) more English speaking friends online.
  3. Make a decision to read as much as you can in English on subjects you enjoy.
  4. Make a plan to listen to some radio and television in English. It can be daily for 10 minutes or maybe a movie a week. It’s up to you.
  5. Understand that your dream of continuing your ESL dream is not dead, it is on the back burner until further notice.

Life is long, there is no need to short change your dreams early on and say there is now no hope. You really don’t know what is around the corner.

Those people in life who really achieve (whether that be in English or other areas) are those who are not too hard on themselves for not fulfilling everything now, they are people who firstly understand that life has many twists and turns and that all things come to those who work at things and never give up.

So if your dreams have changed because life has happened, take heart that you are one of millions of people who have to take a backseat for now and will get another really amazing opportunity later.

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