What does your CLASS and SCHOOL expect of you as a TEACHER


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If you are working in a private company, it will be very important to understand your role in the business, because in most educational institutions the teacher is the corner stone of their business. The job you do in the class is the whole reason they exist as a company. But just having a great teacher is not at all the be all and end all, it’s the student’s appreciation of what you do that makes the whole cycle work.

When the cycle works – the student feels they get what they paid for, the teacher gets paid and ultimately the company makes enough money to not only keep everything in operation but to make a profit also. That’s why people are in business after all.

So the important part for the teacher is not only what they do in the class but understanding what the student expects and whether you meet their expectations.

The first thing I want to do is to disregard the unreasonable. There are some students who do expect the teacher to constantly make them the centre of attention and that as a result the student will achieve completely mind-blowing results in English. This is not what this is about, and ultimately the management need to deal with these ones. The ones we are talking about are the majority of reasonable students who will represent the main part of the school’s clientele.

Most teachers will say that their classes are generally good but there are sometimes some troublemakers, so let’s look at the key things the student looks for in their teacher:

  1. Knows the subject well
  2. Can be approachable and friendly
  3. Can handle difficult students professionally
  4. Can provide a variety of techniques to deliver the lesson
  5. Shows a desire to get everyone in the class involved
  6. Gives positive constructive reinforcement
  7. Genuinely cares about each student and their progress
  8. Understands at least to a certain the world of the student, both from a learners point of view and culturally
  9. Is willing to go the extra mile for some students who they feel need it
  10. Is punctual and takes the lesson for the full designated time

The next most interesting point is to ask yourself what priority the students put on each. This can be something you could try with your own students. To rank them from 1 – 10 (10 being the most important and 1 being the least important).

If you do this, let me know what you think your class considers the most important, interested to know the outcome.

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