Has teachers ACCOUNTABILITY got out of control?

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1IxsZTb)

In New Zealand when I first decided I wanted to be a teacher there were 4 different colleges to choose from, three of which were very accountability based, the last was the ‘high-risk-artsy’ one. Of course I chose the ‘high-risk-artsy’ one!

The last one was a kind of educational experiment whereby the college believed that interesting creative people made the best teachers. The core of the curriculum was all about teachers choosing areas of study that they personally had a passion for e.g. drama, art, sport, painting, photography etc. Three quarters of the course was about a developing your passion and the last quarter was called professional studies where basically you learned how to fill in an attendance register and organise a lesson plan.

So anyway being the ‘high-risk-artsy’ type I made sure all my time was spent developing my artistic skills and film making abilities…

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