STUDENT QUESTION OF THE DAY: What did I LEARN in class today?


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When we learn anything one of the most important things we need to learn to do is to review what it is that we have learned. This question is one of the most important questions a student can ask, and they need to ask the question to themselves.

Why is it important?

  1. It tells you if you were listening
  2. It tells you what you understood
  3. It highlights what you didn’t understand
  4. It allows you the chance to think through and project what might be coming next
  5. It asks you to think about additional materials you may want
  6. It gets you prepared for the next day, because the next day should be a follow through from the day before.
  7. It makes you aware of what you have paid for and if you have achieved value for your money
  8. It makes you understand that learning is a two-way thing, the teacher can do their part, but you have to be able to do your part too and think it through and make sure it does or doesn’t make sense to you.

The last one is a particularly important part to this question. If you cannot answer this question with the No. 8 information, you have to do some deeper thinking about you as a learner. Being the best learner possible is not just about the teacher (though of course a great teacher can really take you to the sky, but a great teacher can do nothing if you the learner isn’t engaging and taking part).

So ask yourself – what did you learn in your ESL class today?


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