How to INSPIRE others with your ENGLISH


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One thing I notice is – whatever happened to the good old fashioned role model? Young people today I assume have their own sports heroes and can engage with celebrities through twitter and Facebook so much so that you really feel you have a connection with them, they are speaking to you and you can hang on their every word.

But what about the good neighbor down the street who always did well at school and there were high expectations they would go somewhere in life….and they did. Yes this person, we all have someone that we distantly admire or closely admire – that person that we hang all our hopes on to raise the bar for people like us and give us something to aspire to.

You too can be that person through your English. But how?

Firstly – well …you do have to get good at English and use it confidently and in many different realms. Secondly, you will need to take time to give back to those of your family and friends who are up and coming – maybe just finishing high school or wanting that particular job. These people are the ones to get around you, talk with them, walk with them, guide them to where you think they want to be with their English, then………and then……make sure they see you using your English – through:

  • Always going to English speaking films and inviting them along
  • Listening to English speaking documentaries or programmes, and sharing them with your friends
  • Reading English language books – novels or non-fiction, and talking about the story and why you liked it or not
  • Talking on the phone in front of them to your English speaking friends
  • Getting the chance to travel with your non-English speaking friends to a foreign English speaking part of your area or another country, and using your English on a daily basis in front of them

By the time you have finished doing all these things you will be a real hero to them, not only helping them along, but also they can see it can be done and the confidence you get from that is huge.

So go on and give it a try, don’t be shy, your friends and family with really appreciate seeing your English in action, and more importantly may be even more inspired to go out there and learn it themselves.

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