UNRESOLVED ESL ISSUE No.4: I’m not vs I amn’t?


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In this series of posts I’d like to raise a few ESL issues with you ESL teachers to find out your preference or your opinion.

Today the issue is should students be learning I’m not or I amn’t?

I have to say on the odd occasion I have had a teacher adamantly declare that ‘I amn’t’ is a commonly accepted phrase in Ireland. This I think is true, as I looked up the issue in the dictionary and to my amazement the teacher was correct.

But the issue here is – should we teach both? Or should we not It could get confusing, as ‘I’m not’ is one of the very first phrases students learn when learning the verbs to be.

Any good answers to share?

3 thoughts on “UNRESOLVED ESL ISSUE No.4: I’m not vs I amn’t?

  1. This issue is not unresolved. There is no such thing as I amn’t. Absolutely not. Call it a linguistic gap in English, if you want, but it doesn’t exist and there is no doubt that it isn’t even an issue.

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