LEARN ENGLISH and look 20 years YOUNGER!



(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Lwu2Qm)

A very interesting thing is happening in the world today, particularly in terms of technology. For the first time in history the young actually do know more than the old in terms of our world today. The reckoning is that in fact a 20 year old today can know as much as a 50 year old knew in the 1980s. This is both scary and fantastic.

Yes I hear you all saying that of course they will not know as much about ‘life’ as the 50 year old, but in fact this is changing too. Due to technology young people are learning more about people and communication than the older generation. Tech companies also these days are far more interested in recruiting new eager young people than old established experienced staff.   (Probably cheaper too!)

So what has this to do with ESL?

Well the truth is…

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