Mr Bean and the ESL Opportunity

One of the wonders of Mr Bean is how well the story can be told without any words. This is why he has become so internationally famous all over the world no matter the language.

This poses a great ESL opportunity because:

a.   Everyone knows who he is

b.   To translate the story into English can be done at almost any level.

Here are some activities that can be done across the range of levels:


Students can:

  • Create captions for the pictures
  • Write short thought bubbles for the thoughts inside his head
  • Get the students to act out some scenes using their own dialogue
  • Discuss what the students think is going on and why it is funny
  • Rewrite the story as a narrative
  • Write a report on what has happened
  • Suggest what will happen next to create a different outcome (what if..)
  • Create a title for the episode
  • Create a poster advertising the episode
  • Give a live new report on what has happened
  • Give a live report on what is happening from moment to moment
  • Write a scripted play (of one scene) for others to act out

And so it goes on…

Go on, enjoy this, there is so much you can do!


2 thoughts on “Mr Bean and the ESL Opportunity

  1. Great post. He’s also a great way for doinn predictions with classes. I was doing it last week to practise will and going to, to show how they can make predictions with evidence, or without it. You just choose a clip, stop it a few times, and get them to make predictions…

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