UNRESOLVED ESL POINT No.8: Textbooks or no textbooks?


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This is a big debate. There are some people who are so anti textbooks because they are so rigid and leave little room for the teacher to explore the true needs of the students. Then there are the other people who say that they love using textbooks as some of them are incredibly current and interesting and the students like them. Not to mention the activities and ideas and laid out in an interesting integrated way.

Then there are others again, who say textbooks are good for adults, because adults like to see the structure of their course, and no textbooks are good for children because they work in a much more free-learning way and need far more engaging activities that just what is in the textbook.

The final group are those that like to integrate both. Have some textbooks and some added supplementary materials. These teachers understand the benefits of both and try to integrate them for the best lesson possible.

So what’s your opinion on this?


3 thoughts on “UNRESOLVED ESL POINT No.8: Textbooks or no textbooks?

  1. I like to integrate many different methods into the classroom because every student learns differently. I remember when I was younger I hated doing group activities and preferred to just work through a textbook by myself. But I know many students who prefer to learn with more engaging activities. I try to give students “the best of both worlds”, so to speak. That way, everybody is happy!

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