The ESL teacher a 2020 PREDICTION


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This prediction or change will be (I think) the most radical. Today the ESL teacher is employed in a language school or some kind and gets a salary and teaches children or adults to speak and understand English. But I see the future very soon slipping away for about 80% of these teachers.

The reason I say this is that in the future anything that is human will need to be at its highest human level. That means, no ‘average’ teachers allowed. Why? Because averageness will be left to the technology.  Language schools will still be around, but they will be forced to take only the best of the best and if you are one of those, you will be paid the best salary possible.

The key now if you are a teacher (of any kind actually) is to try to make yourself the best of the best in order to hold down your own job.  And being the best of the best has nothing to do with knowing your subject. That will be simply a given. It will be all about people and how you handle people. And if you are a teacher, it will be all about how dynamic or creative you are in the classroom with the students/children, and at the same time how well you can manage them.

Being excellent in the future will be all about temperament and likeability.


My prediction is simple – if you are not enjoying your job right now because of the students, it’s a good time to rethink your profession. If you aren’t enjoying your job because of your school, time to change your school. Why? Because it will be very likely that in 5-10 years time, if you are average you will be out of a job.


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