ESL Philosphy 101 on improving your English


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Let’s keep this very simple. There are only a few key things an ESL learner needs to do to improve themselves in the different disciplines. Here goes:

  1. To improve your speaking – listen and think more
  2. To improve your writing – read and think more
  3. To improve your listening – speak and think more
  4. To improve your reading – think and think even more

Notice how thinking is a major part of each discipline. So why is htat?

It’s because English is all about communication. And if you want to communicate you have to have something to say. If you have nothing to say, it is not because you have nothing to say, it is because you haven’t been thinking. The more you think, the more you have to say or ask or disucss.

English is first and foremost a way to get your ideas across to the world around you. If you don’t think about anything, there will be no way anything will improve in your English learning.

That’s really all there is to know.

Any other thoughts on your part?


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