What is the FUNNIEST word in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE for ESL students?



(Photo Credit:  http://bit.ly/1N46T8L)

When I first introduced this word to my ESL class they were literally rolling around on the floor with laughter and some even later came up to me and asked me if it was really true that there were such a word. I took this as a great teaching opportunity and got them to not only use their dictionary skills to find the word in the dictionary but also got them to google it on their mobile phone, finding interesting images as well. The pictures that came up on images were very interesting! (…a lot of cats and rabbits!)

So what is this word?


When I got the students to google the meaning of fluffy the response was even more hilarious, the meaning of fluffy was described as:

  • Of, like or covered with fluff
  • Lacking substance, depth or seriousness

Then …of course…they had to look…

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