Do you want to be REMARKABLE learner or an INVISIBLE learner?


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If you want to grow your language you will need to be remarkable, if you aren’t remarkable unfortunately you will be invisible. I’m not talking here about loudness or pushiness, I’m talking about making mistakes and being remembered for it in a positive way.

Some of you who are of a certain personality type would probably say ‘if is it possible for me to be invisible that would be my most comfortable state!”. Well fine, but you will miss out on learning what you need to know.

Making mistakes and learning from them is the very thing that helps you grow, and you only grow because you ‘actualised’ what was inside your mind. Once it has become real, it has become something that is worth remarking on. This could be for a good reason too – Wow your English is so good now! This way you will be remembered and so your confidence grows.

The second thing is that to make a ‘remark’, means that you have communicated an opinion – whether it was in perfect English or not doesn’t matter, the fact that it was said is very meaningful, and when something is meaningful, it is worthy of being remarked upon which means… was remarkable.

If you don’t allow yourself to be remarkable, you will definitely be invisible. Think about success first and failure later.


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