Your English will change GRADUALLY then SUDDENLY


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Yes, watching someone learn English is like watch paint dry, it never seems to happen, but in fact th real process is like this – it goes slowly then suddenly.

Actually if we want to get completely correct about it, it does have a growth spurt initially but then tapers off then has another growth spurt later on.

But one thing it doesn’t do is grow slowly in a linear way, it goes up and down then finally, if you are prepared to stick with it – there will be one day who won’t even recognize if you were a native speaker or not. Incredible but true.

I have seen this with many Europeans. They learn English at school and nowadays through the internet and by travel, and there is definitely a point where for many of them the consider them not a native speaker is unthinkable. They would really be more ‘bilingual’ than an ESL speaker.

The ultimate thing to remember is that language learning grows in an exponential way. In the beginning it is slow then after a while it’s like every month there is a double in the vocabulary you know and speak and the situations you feel comfortable in. But be careful, if you don’t keep it up, it will end up coming right back down again. A language can be lost at the same rate it can be learned, but at least the wiring will still be there!


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