Will we all become native ENGLISH speakers in the FUTURE?


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2g0m8u1)

This is a really tough one because there are so many ‘native’ Englishes out there now that to be considered a native English speaker is a bit nonsensical these days.

It all comes down to how technically perfect you are, how fluent you are and how big your vocabulary and idiom knowledge is. So simple and yet so difficult.

But with all things considered these days, there really is a huge likelihood that many more people will be considered natives. Whether they want to or not is another thing.

The other point is that the whole concept of a ‘native English speaker’ is something that only people in the ESL market understand. It’s controversial to say the least, and the fairness of it all is based on the ranking of the student or the head of school. What’s native to one person may be incomprehensible to another.

But in my heart I do believe that English will become more mainstream and hold distinctive flavours depending on where in the world it is situated.

The whole thing about a language is that is has to be about communication. If the person can communicate on a sophisticated level about whatever topic they choose, then they do need to be considered a native, so long as their accent doesn’t show too much connection to their original birth language.

So what do you think? Will everyone become a native English speaker in the future?


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