Your world will be the SUM TOTAL of your English ABILITY


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Okay take a moment to go on a tangent with me here.

You and your friend are entering a fast food restaurant. You both decide to buy a thick shake. You both pay the money and move to the end of the counter. They give you the two thick shakes and you notice that there are only two straws left, one thick one for thick shakes and one thin one for watery drinks. Your friend takes the thick straw and you take the thin one. You both get on a bus and begin your half hour journey to university. By the time you reach university your friend has finished his thick shake (well and truly) and you are still working hard to get through to the half way mark. In fact you are tired of the shake, it’s now got warm and you want to throw it out. See where I’m going here?

Now take a step back and imagine that straw you have is your English level. Let’s say your friend finished his English course, sat his IELTS exam and got a 7.0 Band, and you dropped out of your course after a few months and decided to use whatever English you had and see how it went. Well we can see how it all went in the end. The person who had the thicker straw (meaning the larger understanding of the language and their ability) was able to complete the task quickly and was well satisfied, and the person who had the thinner straw had to work harder to get less and was ultimately unsatisfied.

At the end of the day the person who had the better option got more and the person with the worse option got less. So too you could compare it to you as a communicator. The more you learn the greater you have, the less you learn the harder it is to even reach half as much.

So ask yourself, when it comes to communicating in English – am I a thick straw or a thin straw? And this will determine the sum total of your experience!


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