Finish your SENTENCE– It’s the only way to know if anyone is LISTENING


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A language is about communication. If you can’t communicate in that language, then you don’t know the language. The level to which you are successful in saying what you believe or want, is the level to which you can say you are competent in that language. The key to knowing where you are at in all this is to complete whatever sentence you are planning to say and see if anyone heard you.

Sounds so basic that one wonders why it’s worth mentioning, but in fact there are a number of ES learners who actually aren’t clear about the correct way to say something so end up not saying enough in the sentence or avoiding attempting anything at all. In fact that really is the worst thing you can do if you want to make sure you improve.

Most people will be aware as soon as you open your mouth that this is not easy for you as it’s not your language, and this is the reason why your audience will listen to you even more. Their focus will be fully on trying to make sure they understand what you are saying. Their response to this will be the result you need to hear. Maybe they will respond to what they understood, or even ask you to repeat the sentence again.

One of the main reasons for your teacher to make sure you complete your sentences is because every word you say is important to the whole meaning. Leave an word out and you could be sabotaging the whole reason why you are speaking.

So to get better at what you need from your English you need to do two things. Complete the sentence you need to say and listen to the response. This is the only way you will ever know if you are on or off track and what you may need to do to make yourself clearer…..period.

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