What to do with an ESL teaching BREAK


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2l3TwCv)

The first thing I would recommend for a teacher on a break is to forget all aspects of grading language.

For those people who aren’t teachers, the one thing they don’t understand about teaching English is that it isn’t just about technical knowledge and explaining how it all works. Yes it is to a degree, but you have to explain it all in the language that the class understands best, and it is pointless to do it all in Arabic or Spanish, because that defeats the purpose, it needs to be done in the world of the language they are learning, that way they will pick it up so much better.

So once the teacher has had 3 months of doubling down on grading language, the first stress relief is to sit around with your friends and family and use as many idioms, convoluted phrases and black humoured nonsensical sentences as possible just so that you can get your brain unstuck band back into your good old favourite patterns that are purely you!

The next thing is to try to visit an English speaking country if possible. There is nothing worse than having spent 3 months in a foreign country navigating your way through a world of garbled English both inside the classroom and inside the country, to move onto yet another ESL experience. Treat yourself a trip to Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc just so that you the old brain gets a definitely shift and new thoughts and juices of ideas can get flowing in your good old favourite language of English.

The final thing to consider (which I’m sure you’d put first on your list), is if you are teaching children, try to avoid family resorts or theme parks, unless of course you have children of your own!  There is nothing more wonderful than a real getaway either on your own or with your spouse or close friend to simply chew the proverbial adult fat!

One thing I notice after a long break is that if teachers really do make the most to get away and shake up their minds with laughter, lunacy and light heartedness, they come back to the classroom afterwards energized, enthusiastic and eager to launch into a new term.

If you are a teacher, what kinds of things do you prefer to do on your breaks?


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