Formal vs Informal English – is the landscape CHANGING?

The FUTURE of Learning


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There was a time when I was young and first took on my first job that I learned that to be considered a ‘professional’ or ‘an employee’, there meant a clear understanding of heirachy and it was entrenched into our language. It usually came in the form of calling people in higher positions either ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ or “Mr or Mrs or Miss…’.

I was incredibly surprised however when I did start into my first job that my immediate superiors insisted on first names, Dave and Dale and Greg. Initially it was scary but ultimately made no difference to the feeling of whether they were superior or not, what it did do was make me feel like they were approachable and that they wanted to appear human to me.

In no way did it detract from my feelings that I was now able to use and…

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