Always REIMAGINE and REBUILD your English


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Deciding to take on a new language on a serious level (e.g. using it for your job or to get a university degree), requires more than just sitting down and passing some exams. It requires a decision on the part of the learner to take it into their life and live and breathe – for, well, ever! So how does someone actually manage to do that? By approaching the learning in a creative way.

Hopefully the learner has already got off to a great start with an excellent teacher and an engaging English programme. But it won’t end there. To take it into your heart involves reimagining and rebuilding your English right throughout your life. This starts with a decision and requires constant attention. Sometimes this attention comes from external influences and sometimes from internal pressure.

External influences to reimagine and rebuild your English

  1. University studies – once you learn English you will be required to take it to another level if you are going to use it for your university studies. Just by what you learn in your specialist subject will force you to push your boundaries of not only topic knowledge but English knowledge too. You will be asked to express your understanding even further with new vocabulary and phrasings. Particularly if you are asked to prepare a presentation or seminar you will have to first imagine what you want to say and then build your presentation from there ….of course all in English.
  2. Job experiences – if or when you are out in the workforce, business is constantly changing and developing, so too will your English. You can’t sit back and say this is all I need to know. If you want to grow in your career, so too does your English on a daily basis.
  3. General life experiences – none of us could have imagined we would end up doing what we are doing – that’s a fact of life and happens to everyone. Life just throws us experiences that forces us to adjust, move forward and/or change our behavior. So too should our English if we are using it in our every day life.

Internal influences to Reimagine and Rebuild English

  1. Personal decision to study more – sometimes we learn something and find it interesting and simply want another course or another experience to push our knowledge further. This is one key reason to reimagine or rebuild our English
  2. Personal decision to use English more often – if we are someone who learned English to enter a country – for immigration purposes, it will be easy to get to our country and then end up mixing only with people from our own culture and language background. However, it does take a personal decision to step out of our comfort zone and use what we know and learn more then there. This is another process in which we reimagine and rebuild our language skills

So as you can see. Taking on a new language is really something to consider as a life long process, but to remember just by the mere nature of communication generally, it will never be static, it will always be forced to be changing and adjusting….that’s life.


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