To LOVE a language – it needs to be in your HEART


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Whenever we use the word ‘love’ in a sentence is conjures up many different thoughts. ‘Love’ can related to a person, a thing or even just enjoying something intangible. The feelings that come up with the word ‘Love’ are of course – passion, excitement, feelings, commitment, and so it goes on. All in all we do associate it as being a deep feeling attached to a life-long relationship of some kind. And we carry this ‘love’…in our heart.

So let’s now transpose this whole notion into the whole concept of learning a language. To learn a language isn’t easy, you probably don’t love the language all the time when you are learning it because it’s often difficult, particularly in the beginning, in fact difficult in almost every way you can imagine, but once you start to master it, engage with it and begin using it, it changes. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the language you had so many battles with initially has assimilated itself into your life and your heart. So now begins the life of fluency, and even eventually native speaking if you get that good.

Comparing this to a loving relationship we could see a lot of similarities. When you start, you begin with excitement and interest, but soon when you begin to engage with the other person, there are so many challenges and difficulties. Sometimes so many you decide to give up and move onto someone else. But for those who are committed to the person they are connecting with, the challenges and difficulties do eventually subside and the flow of the  ‘love’ between you becomes more fluid (as in ‘fluent’).

When we engage with a language you could say the same thing, however the question may come up, when you hit a difficulty. What makes a person continue to be committed to the other person? Well that’s the magic of a loving relationship, no one really knows other than the two people involved. To them it’s just … well, this is the soul mate.

So, looking now at a love affair with a language, your reasons for commitment my not be need to be quite so high, you may have a very good reason to learn the language, e.g. study at university, live and work in an English speaking world. So, the necessity and commitment is clear.

Like any kind of relationship, you may not love it first off, but the more you commit to it and work with it, you just may find yourself if not falling in love with it, at least learning to love it on its own terms.


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