Be the only one in your ENGLISH CATEGORY


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Whether we want to be or not, we are all unique. Some people love that side of themselves, and some people hate that side of themselves, they simply want to fit into a group and disappear. But the different aspects of being unique, whether it has its good side or bad side, is something we have to all accept one way or another.

As we are all unique, so is the English we learn. None of us are going to spend the rest of our lives saying ‘How are you?” “I’m fine thanks”, these are just simple phrases to help you get started, but the way in which you digest and use your English will be totally unique to you.

Celebrating your uniqueness comes usually through your sense of self, your opinions, your style, your political thinking, your sense of humour and your quirkiness. Most people enjoy their uniqueness by mixing with people who are not necessarily totally like you but, really like the part of you that is different.

And the way you express yourself in your uniqueness is through language. Yes you can always use your native language to make sure you are understood to your fellow family members and old friends, but once you start to learn a new language, whatever quirky qualities you had will also appear in that language also.

When the title says ‘be the only one in your English category’, it is really saying, don’t be afraid to use English in the way you think represents your uniqueness. This can be in adopting certain phrases that are represent your kind of style. Many people are influenced by movie stars. They will watch the actor in a movie and there will be certain phrases that make sense to them and so the ESL person will start using them too. This is very normal. This means that you have picked up something that resonates with you and so you start using it too.

However, you are not just that one actor, there may be many different people you like to watch, including the people around you or even those that you work with. There will be different turns of phrase or even pieces of slang that feel right for you. That’s okay. You don’t have to be a perfect ‘her Royal Highness the Queen of England’ speaker. The key is to find the language that is totally ‘you’.

This is how you become the only one in your English category.

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