Death by SHYNESS – the ESL learners DILEMMA



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When we first start to learn anything, including a language, we do have to overcome some obstacles. Most of them are due to practical things like, can I afford this, will this information get me to where I want to go, and also can I actually do this? Am I actually capable enough to achieve this?

All fair questions, however when a student starts off with an uncontrollable dose of shyness and considers it to be part of their nature, then unfortunately language learning is probably doomed from the start.

Shyness can manifest itself in a variety of ways when it comes to learning a language:

  1. Inability to speak in a group situation
  2. Inability to speak even in a one to one situation
  3. Inability to speak clearly
  4. Inability to assert a point of view
  5. Inability to speak fluently

As you can see most of these come…

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