If you are looking to REGISTER: Get to the TRUTH about a school first


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These days not everyone can afford large sums of money to spend of personal one to one teachers, so often your selection of English school may depend on your budget. But at the same time, I would still make sure you get the best for what you are paying.

Often when you look at the prices, you would assume that the highest price means you are getting the best. Not always true. The highest price may be because the school wants to ‘make you think that’ they are the best, but in reality, they are not anywhere near better and even sometimes worse.

These are the key things to look for before you make your choice:

  • How many maximum students in one class
  • Where are all the students from?
  • Where are the teachers from?
  • Are the teachers well qualified?
  • Are the teachers experienced?
  • Are there any exams?
  • Do you get a recognised certificate out of this?
  • Are the premises clean and modern?
  • Do the marketing staff make you feel comfortable, e.g. smile, not too pushy, willing to answer all your questions, etc
  • Can you see other students in the classrooms like you
  • (If you get the chance to look inside a classroom while a lesson is going on), are the student listening, taking part in something and appear to be relaxed and enjoying themselves with the teacher?

Here are a few points if you are not in the same country as the classroom:

  • Check their website, does it look friendly and modern?
  • Check their social media – does it contain articles as well as pictures and advertising? (If it is only advertising it may tell you the only thing they are interested in is your money!)
  • Check chatrooms etc and see if anyone is talking about that school? Weigh up the good with the bad and make your own decision.
  • If you know someone who has already been to that school, call them and ask them to be honest about the place. Friends will usually want to tell you the truth.

If your parents are making the decision with you, make sure they join you to check this information.

When you have already decided that you are happy with your decision, …make the most of it and enjoy your experience!


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