ESL speakers need SPINE


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A ‘spine’ if you didn’t know already, is that part of the back bone that goes from your head to your bottom. Usually we understand it to hold the central nervous system, and as it does that, the strength of your spine can tell you whether you will have nerves of steel or shaky nerves of jelly.

So when I talk about ESL speakers needing to have spine, I am talking about people who are risk takers, people who want to build confidence, people who are unafraid.

To speak out loud on any issue for many people is a challenge, but to do it in another language is a whole other ball game. Needing spine comes from developing nerves of steel.

So how does one does that?

  1. Throwing yourself into uncomfortable situations
  2. Practicing some simple processes to help build confidence if something goes wrong
  3. Focus on your sense of humour and most things will feel a lot easier
  4. Get a reality check – no one is dying of cancer here….!
  5. Being nervous is not going to change anything here for the better
  6. You don’t have to get everything right, right now.
  7. You can’t change what’s already happened.

Once you have understood and accepted these 7 principles, with constant practice before you know it you will have nerves of steel, and you can proudly tackle anything ESL speaking issue with a strong spine!



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