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Most people know their strengths and weaknesses. Here I want you to think more about your strengths – particularly in English and start focusing on developing your English through that means.

I know for a fact that some cultures are much more oral and so they tend to be great speakers and perhaps less writers, others are meticulous when it comes to grammar and punctuation and so their writing is often spot on, but their speaking is weak. Then there are others who are great listeners and have a real ‘ear’ for language. They can pick up and understand different accents in a flash and decipher easily what’s going on.

Any way you look at it, we all have a strength. At the same time if you are someone going to use your English for university studies, it does help to try to develop all areas if possible, however saying that we know there will be one area that will always get priority. This is fine, because this will be the vehicle in which you develop your English even further and once its developed even further it will appear in an improved way in most of your other areas.

The key to getting better at something is to lean into the strengths you have in that subject. This will be the way you not only gain personal satisfaction and driver, but also push your level of ability in all your other areas eventually also.

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