What did you DO (English-WISE) today?


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2kYjwAi)

If you are studying English at an institute, you will no doubt be going to English classes on a daily basis. This is good (of course), and also easy to identify what you did ‘English-wise’ today. However, this is a question I want to ask yourself at the end of your weekend days. This will tell you a lot. It may even tell you that you spoke English more than you realised.

I want you to look at each episode you went through today and what English you spoke, read or listened to. These might be things such as:

  1. Talking to the shop keeper at the minimart
  2. Buying lunch
  3. Getting in and out of a taxi
  4. Buying a movie ticket
  5. Ordering in a restaurant
  6. Taking a friend to the doctor
  7. Reading something of interest online
  8. Completing an important English assignment
  9. Booking a flight or hotel online in English
  10. Making an effort to spend time with someone who doesn’t speak your own native language

…and so it goes on.

Before you close your eyes tonight – ask yourself about these kinds of things during the day – outside of your usual ESL classes. You may discover you do more than you think – or you may discover you don’t do nearly enough.

Whatever the outcome – something important to think about.

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