Step out of your ENGLISH’S WAY


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So many times I have seen a group of English language students who have spent so many hours learning the grammar, trying everything they can to get something right and perfect so they won’t be tripped up on an unexpected question – to only end up in that social setting, speaking to someone and bailing out because it all seems way too hard.

Yes native speakers do speak fast, yes native speakers do use words you have never heard of, and yes native speakers don’t care if you can speak English or not – they just want to talk with you – period. So why are you running away from these moments?

The truth is – it’s natural – you can be prepared, but never fully. There is always a moment when you have to step aside and let whatever is in there come out. You will fail and fall …maybe, or you may find that you have a lot more English inside you than you realized.

The term to ‘step out of your own way’ is a great example of saying – stop trying to be in control of yourself all the time – let mistakes happen, don’t be afraid and go with the flow.  To learn a language isn’t something that is like learning how to fix a car – a language is a living breathing thing that isn’t perfect that does change and does require you to be simply ready for it, no matter what your level.

So the next time you hear yourself drifting away from a conversation because your mind is telling you that this is way too hard – don’t let your own foot end up in your own mouth – step away from this and let yourself slip into the conversation in the most natural way it happens.


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