Say what you BELIEVE in ENGLISH and see who LISTENS


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One of the ways to get ahead in English is to have an opinion. This is often the hardest part of learning any language. Just to know the grammar, be able to form sentences and have a large about of vocabulary under your belt just in case you are in a situation when you might need to to use it or understand it is pointless. Learning a language is about communication, and if you have nothing to communicate then time to start thinking about learning something else.

A tough point to be at. This is one reason why people need to understand their purpose first for learning a language. It can be one of any of these things:

  1. To go to university and study a course that is conducted in English
  2. To be able to discuss business in English with potential English speaking clients
  3. To be able to travel confidently to English speaking countries.
  4. To be able to enter an English-speaking country and live there.
  5. As it is part of the school requirement that a pass in English means an overall pass in the entire high school diploma if other subjects are also a pass.

There can be other reasons but these are the most common. The last one is the most difficult to digest as it doesn’t involve any kind of passion to learn the language specifically. All other reasons are about English being the important vehicle necessary to get to what you want.

So how should one approach these kinds of reasons if you don’t have anything to communicate. The key point is to start saying what you believe, no matter how garbled it appears to be, and when you have finished, just look around and see who was listening. Once you have seen someone is listening it tells you two things:

  1. Someone could understand what you were saying – a good point of reference when you were trying to say it in a language that you aren’t confident in.
  2. Someone either agrees with you or disagrees with your opinion and may want to reply to you………in English!

Everyone has a belief in something, the key is to find the right audience who may want to talk to you about it too. If no one responds to your point, you either didn’t make it clear or you weren’t in the right group. The ultimate answer is to keep searching until you find that group, and keep speaking and observing who is listening, then take it from there.

All the best.


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