Understanding your SCARCITY – the future measure of LEARNING success


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This is an odd topic, but there is a nugget of truth in it in terms of enhancing your English ability. This is what it means:

Scarcity means something that is difficult to find. If there is a ‘scarcity’ of something, it means it is very rare if not impossible to find. The key point here is that if you tap into your own uniqueness and start talking, thinking and writing in English from that point, you will not only find you have more to say, but people will be more interested in communicating with you as you are coming across as a pure original…something we should all celebrate. You – are a scarcity!

The problem with learning English at the beginning is that you end up learning certain phrases to get by on, when really it isn’t until after at least 4-6 months of full time study that you could honestly start developing your own ‘unique’ style. But this is very important for the growth of your English. You don’t just want to be an ESL robot spewing out all kinds of phrases because you learned them, you have to make them so embedded inside you that you use them to help you say what you think or what you need to say. At the same time, you will notice that once you start to do this, you will start being very creative with what you say and also how you listen to others.

Once you start being your ‘original’ self, you will notice that people around you will want to talk with you more and as a result your English will growth exponentially.

We are all rare pieces of work – in fact there is only one of us in the world – time for us to realise this and let it be the very thing that propels all our learning forward.

Don’t be too shy to be you…..you are scarcest thing on the planet. Use it!


2 thoughts on “Understanding your SCARCITY – the future measure of LEARNING success

  1. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’ve always noticed this in the form of humor. My students who are willing to use English to joke around seem to learn faster. And I think its because they’re letting their personality shine through the language. It takes some of the fear out of learning and its always easy to find a topic of conversation if you can joke around.

    • Totally agree with you…that’s the key. If the person can relax and be themselves in the language, the rest is just technical knowledge which can be learned.

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