GOOD English is about speaking the TRUTH


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There’s only one thing worse than listening to a liar, it’s listening to a liar speak in bad English!

This post is about not necessarily being a liar but about speaking from the heart. Once we speak from the heart we tend to be telling the truth about how we feel for that moment.

The ability for someone to be able to tell the truth in English is a true indicator of how well they actually know their English. If under pressure your English suddenly disappears (which can happen – legitimately), really does let the person know how well they can handle themselves in English in unexpected situations.

This of course is not just related to English, there are plenty of situations where you as a traveler are in say South America, you are thrown into a situation and suddenly have to pull out all your Spanish that you learned at school. Some of it is useless, but you start to pick up very quickly what people are saying, and so you are starting to get into the zone. You’ll be surprised just how fast you pick it up if it’s the only language around to get yourself through a situation.

The same goes for the foreigner who comes to the English speaking world and is thrust into a situation (whether it be related to the police or simply a situation to get yourself around), when they are surrounded by only English speaking people the superficial English that was once there now gets dragged down deep into the heart of the speaker and gets analysed very quickly as to whether this phrase will work for them to explain what they really mean right now….These situations are scary, potentially, very problematic, but ultimately so good for the learner.

We don’t wish a crisis upon anyone, but certainly as both a teacher and student of English, we do wish for everyone to have a chance to test themselves. When we are tested it will always ask us to tell the truth, and the more truthful we are on an ongoing basis, the more chance we have of getting better at our foreign language.


2 thoughts on “GOOD English is about speaking the TRUTH

  1. Obviously, this recommendation to speak “truth” is morally correct in any language and in any part of the world. Thank you for your commenting on a very interesting life skill.

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