A GOOD TEACHER will choose your ESL BATTLES for you


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As a student when you start an English course, no matter what level you are at you are definitely sure that there is a lot more to learn. Everything can appear daunting and impossible at the start, but with some calculated decision making on which ESL battle to hit and in which order, will help your momentum immediately.

Everything in learning (particularly in learning a language) must be learned in stages. If a person wants to jump forward quickly because they ‘have no time’ or are ‘willing to work hard’, it really is not how things go. To learn a language requires students to ‘master’ stages before they can move to the next one, and even within each stage, there are mini-stages that need to be understood before you can digest successfully the next one.

Each of these stages could be considered ESL battles. Fortunately, your teacher probably has already broken them down for you, so you don’t need to decipher the whole complex thing yourself, that’s what a good teacher will do at least!

But you may come across a few points that are very unclear to you. Of course, you must ask your teacher, and they will always be there to help you, however, what the teacher may say is ‘you have asked a good question, but this one cannot be answered this month, this question is better to be asked next month when you have mastered some other concepts’. This is a clear indication that the teacher is managing your ESL battles, and you need to trust them. However, if you do insist yourself on going home to find these things out, it may be good for you but it may also confuse you even more.

To simply google ‘what is past perfect’ when you have only mastered ‘present simple’, may make the whole situation even more complicated for you.  You shouldn’t feel demoralised that it seems beyond you. What google is subtly doing for you too is to make sure you understand that this concept can only be understood once the other benchmarks are met.  Google is indicating to you to ‘pick your battles’, this one is beyond you right now.

So the next time you find something challenging, ask your teacher to break things down a little more so that you can logically understand what they are saying – they will more than likely pick your battles for you, and help you win them.

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