PARTNERING – the key to ongoing ESL speaking and learning

The FUTURE of Learning


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One of the most important things someone learns when they take the CELTA course is the role of partnering activities. Just to highlight how these are integrated into the class I want to make two lists. The first list is the obvious one, and the second list is the less obvious ones.

Obvious ways to use partnering:

  1. When doing a role play
  2. When practicing a speaking exercise from the book with two people’s dialogue
  3. Group project or research work

Less obvious ways to use or set up partnering:

  1. Sharing your answers
  2. Answering the questions together
  3. Making sure (if you have a mixed language class) no two people are next to each other who speak the same language
  4. Playing a kind of musical chairs to move the combinations of partnerships around

The reason why I want to highlight partnering is because so often in a class there…

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