Stop COMPLAINING – get moving – English NEVER sleeps


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When people complain it’s usually due to something the consider to be an injustice done to them, and at times it is appropriate and necessary to make sure a change happens and you have some compensation. However, there are other times when complaining comes when a person just can’t be bothered sorting a problem out for themselves or seeing the truth of a situation and as a result just ‘vent’ and pull as many people as they can into the downward negative spiral.

Venting can be good in short bursts and useful to get rid of tension, but if it continues on a regular basis, those around you will get tired and frustrated. There is a subtle difference between a vent and a complain train that just never stops.

Taking this into the world of learning English is a common one. There are plenty of situations where students feel they are stuck – they have learned a certain amount but feel overwhelmed with the next step…taking it to the streets.

With many of the posts on this site, it all revolves around you making the effort. You need to get out of the safety zone and jump out there into the world that thinks and does nothing in anything other than English. In these countries, English never sleeps. This is the place to be. If you don’t live in an English-speaking country you are lucky that now online there is so much in English through websites, chatrooms and social media outlets. Even if you start making those steps now in the ‘English’ direction, you won’t have trouble developing yourself further.

Complaining that it’s all too hard or there are never any opportunities or you aren’t going to get anywhere, is futile. Taking the steps away from complaining and moving towards opening your mind to what could be is the key.

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