ESL CLASSROOM ISSUE 4: The uncomfortable furnishing


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Having been involved in setting up a language centre myself, this was one of the least expected headaches. Trying to find furniture that was comfortable, long lasting and suitable to our environment. Very early on I realized that this kind of issue, if you get it right can do a lot for our business, in both retaining students, and also maintaining your image.

At the same time, you need to get yourself ready for renewing your school furniture on a regular basis. It does cost something but not too much if you do it regularly with the right kinds of furnishings.

Ever sat in a place where the seat was really uncomfortable? I know I have, even in a movie theatre, I get in and sit down and the seats look comfortable but actually they slope downwards too much and make me shift and twist and turn all through the movie, trying to find that comfortable spot. And ultimately what happens? My concentration starts to deteriorate and really wonder if the film was any good at all. So too happens in the classroom. You get the furniture wrong, students won’t learn, become disruptive and teachers will be demoralized. Have comfortable suitable learning furniture and at least you are off to a good start.


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