Everyone needs ESCAPISM – so RUN AWAY from your English now and then


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2nwmeKA)

The taking on of another language is not only a full-time job it really is a life changer if you are serious about your goals. At the same time, it’s important to not swamp yourself with something too fast. Our brains are fickle creatures that work sometimes independently to what we want, and so there are times you need to trust yourself to take a break from it all, and simply let your mind wander.

This involves the simple task of understanding how to escape from the daily routine of lessons, from attempting to speak English whenever you can, watch English movies whenever you can, listen to English conversations whenever you can and from totally immersing yourself in something completely. To be honest, like everything we do in life, you can have too much of a something, and time to give yourself a break.

How many of you have longed for the holidays, crawled yourself to that last day and were on a jet plane before you could so much as blink to  find yourself basking in the beautiful sunny beach front being waited on hand and foot. For two weeks you didn’t check your emails, answer your phone or so much as gave a second thought to work. So too you should do the same for your English studies.

So why is this important?

The key with any ‘holiday’ is that you get a chance to totally unwind your brain, relax all your muscles and just laugh and do and think the most unlikely thoughts. You allow yourself to simply do whatever you want and think whatever thoughts you want, and even make some decisions (though decisions are not always the things you want to do initially only holiday, but often are the very things you end up). Perhaps eventually you decided to leave your job, perhaps you decided to marry that girl, you decided to change your university course, you decided to move out of that place….whatever you decided, it came because your brain was totally relaxed and honest. Or perhaps you didn’t decide anything at all, just allowed yourself to escape for a while to recharge.

Taking this into the world of learning, the same things actually apply. Learning is always ultimately good, but does get tangled up in many other issues e.g. don’t like that teacher, that class is too long , that person is really annoying…etc. All these extraneous things impact your learning, and can interfere immensely with how you assimilate and manage your new information, so you too, need to escape for a while so that all things fall into the place they need to be to get focussed again, and if necessary make some decisions.

As mentioned, the brain is a complex organ. What is subconsciously really going on can be very surprising. A complete escape from it all can be at times the best thing you do. You’ll arrive back to the classroom refreshed, focussed, and ready for the next round.


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